Contacting your developers @ tbData

William is the primary point of contact for project and operational issues.

We encourage everyone to use our support system as the primary method of communication to enable all discussions to be documented. However, we recognise that direct contact with all developers is desirable for specific detailed discussion.

The Project Team at your organisation have the contact details for individuals in the development team that are working on your project. Please channel any questions and queries via your Project Team or the support system during development. Thanks.


William Tasso has been working in the Information Technology sector since 1976, delivering data driven solutions to small companies as well as multinational corporations. Today, his focus is on scalable web based data management applications using available technologies, including those provided by Microsoft, to their full potential.
Andrew Urquhart is experienced in delivering web based applications, using accessible and standards compliant markup (HTML and XHTML) and CSS, while his strength lies in scripting, both client-side (JavaScript and JScript) and server-side (ASP and other Microsoft Technologies). He also has a good understanding of HTTP, optimising for search engines and customer interfaces as well as scalability and performance issues. Andrew publishes his curriculum vitae on his site.
Els van Bloois uses quality markup (HTML) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to build attractive and accessible web sites which are compliant to W3C standards and usable in any browing environment. Els has portfolio pages on her site.
Mark Parnell has good all round understanding of various web-related technologies and concepts, including good knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP and SQL (particularly MySQL), which he uses to build accessible and standards compliant web applications with quality markup and easily maintainable styling. Mark has a portfolio page on his site.
Dylan Parry is an experienced web site author having mastered HTML, XML and CSS as well as JavaScript and several image manipulation packages. In addition he has been programming in a variety of languages, including: PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, VBScript and Perl. These technologies have been complemented by exposure to SQL technologies (Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL).