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UK domains - Dispute Resolution and Customer Protection

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Please keep this document safely. It explains what we will do in the event of domain misuse and what you can expect should you need to complain about any aspect of our service.

Domain Names

Your domain name is the bit after the "@" in an email address, or after the "http://www." in your web address, as seen in the "location" part at the top of your web browser. It is the core of your online identity and it is crutial that you understand its importance. Domain names are formed by two parts [the-name].[the.hierarchy], as an example, with tbdata.com the "tbdata" is the name, and it falls within the ".com" hierarchy. The particular hierarchy ending in .uk is managed by Registrars for the organisation responsible for everything ending in .uk - they are called Nominet, and you should familiarise yourself with their specific conditions of use and terms under which .uk domain names may be used. Their website is at: www.nominet.org.uk

Domain Abuse

Abuse of any Domain Name must be reported directly to us: admin@tbdata.com

Abuse may fall into several different categories. The main and most obvious abuse is Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), or as most of us know it; "SPAM". This could indicate that a computer on your network has been compromised by a virus or other "malware". If this is the case, other external organisations or agencies may contact us directly, and we will liaise directly with you to help resolve the problem. Similarly, your website may have been compromised, or "hijacked", and be hosting a "phishing" site without your knowledge. Again, we will act immediately upon notification and work with you toward resolution. This is to protect you, and the Internet community.

Renewal of your Domain Name(s)

We will normally automatically renew your Domain Name as a part of our ongoing service. This means you don't need to worry about it accidentally expiring.

Moving your Domain Name(s) to a different Registrar

It's your domain name. Obviously we'd hate to lose your business, but we understand that new hosting companies for your website, or different IT Support companies prefer to manage everything on your behalf, and we therefore will ensure, upon proper authority from you, that the domain name is moved in as seamless a manner as possible. We will not withhold transfer if you have an outstanding account, and we will not levy a charge to release your domain name.

Our Service Commitment - and what happens if things go wrong

"TBDATA strive to maintain a high level of customer care and technical excellence."

How often have you seen such a statement? It sounds reassuring doesn't it?, but is totally meaningless. So here's what we will do if you are not satisfied with our personal or technical service, and wish to make a complaint.

YOU: Should send an email to: admin@tbdata.com and add the Subject line: COMPLAINT. In the body of your email please detail the basis of your complaint. This should include what happened, and why you are not satisfied that it has been resolved to your satisfaction.

WE: Will acknowledge receipt of your email within ONE WORKING DAY. We will fully investigate your complaint, which may involve discussing the matter further with you, and aim to issue an evaluation and proposal for full resolution WITHIN TEN WORKING DAYS.


But if you're not, please request a review, by writing to the address at the top of this document. Please state the grounds upon which you would like us to review our decision.

We will request an INDEPENDENT THIRD PARTY REVIEW AT OUR OWN EXPENSE and aim to have a response within TWENTY WORKING DAYS.

If you remain unsatisfied, we pledge to release you from ANY contractual obligations WITHOUT PENALTY and refund any service charges relating to your original complaint FROM THE DATE YOU MADE THE ORIGINAL COMPLAINT.

Do you have any questions?

We don't want you to be content with our service. We want you to get on doing what YOU do, and completely forget about all the technical stuff that we do behind the scenes in order to enable you to do what you do. We'd like you to forget we're here because everything just does what it should do. Yes, we'd like you to pay invoices, but otherwise, forget about what we do, and trust us to do it well.

So when we say; "We don't want you to be content with our service", we mean it. We want you to just trust us to give you far more than you ever expected - personally, and technically. If you succeed and are profitable, we can sell you more of what we do. So we want you to be confident when you do business with us. If you have any questions, please, just ask. If we can work together, and both profit, we're all doing our job right.

Let's use the Internet in a positive, safe and creative way. We're here to ensure you don't need to be a techie.

The TBDATA Team.


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