web sites

Thanks for dropping by - here you will find a list of some of the web sites that we have been working on recently, are still working on or have yet to start. In any event, this page provides a convenient launching pad for us to check the status of these sites.

... and here's some stuff we simply haven't got around to ... yet

We'd love to be able to show you the work we've completed on our customers' intranets but, as you know, an intranet is internal by design. If it's an intranet you need, we can arrange for references to be supplied - just ask.

btw: What was it you wanted when you dropped by? We hope you found it, whatever it was.

One last thing ... we hope you noticed you can get to our home/index page from any page on this site by using the link disguised as a company logo thingie or by using the breadcrumb trail, both of which are near the beginning of the page.